The American Dream: Pasquale Di Maio from banker to pizza chef

Charismatic and strong, gentle and open-minded, for almost twenty years Pasquale Di Maio has lived the American dream of that person who, blocked by the tight tie of a job in the bank, decided to left the comfort zone of the Vesuvian land for the foreign one, with the courage to go beyond. Beyond the borders of routine life, overseas, where everything seems possible.

And if it is true that we Neapolitans are too sentimental and viscerally linked to our earth, to our sea, to that volcano that embraces and comforts like the warmth of a mother, it is equally true that our American dreamer carries everything with him, holding an invisible thread that will forever bind him to “Vesuvius”. Indeed, in the lands of Minneapolis and after some years of apprenticeship, he founded “Vesuvio’s“, with that final “s” that smacks of belonging, which seems to mean “son of Vesuvius”. 


A big boy with a contagious vitality, one of those people you seem to have known all your life and who wins you over for his stubbornness and insistence on always pushing himself further, always putting heart and passion into everything. And, most likely, these characteristics are linked to his entrepreneurial success, that brought him to shine from the top of one of the Twin Cities: “work strongly believing in what you do and make it known to others”.

Ready to proactively respond to the challenges imposed by the Covid19 pandemic, Pasquale goes all in because he focuses on delivery and take-away: in fact, Vesuvio’s is the so called American “take-out restaurant”, a very modern “take and carry away”, which allows people to enjoy good food without worrying about preparing it. In a perfect combination of Italian and American specialties, Pasquale Di Maio offers a menu capable of satisfying the American multi-ethnic tastes. Indeed, you can order here – if you ever happen to be in Minneapolis – lasagna, tiramisù, cannoli, pizza, pulled pork, ribs in a continuous contamination of new tastes.


But Pasquale Di Maio is like a train in constant motion, which never stops. Indeed, he is also the owner of Chuck Wagon Catering, which offers luxury catering services for a wide variety of events: from corporate events to weddings, as well as picnics and private parties. When Pasquale Di Maio allows himself the luxury of not working around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, he returns to Italy. Because an Italian or even better, a Neapolitan sooner or later feels the need to breathe the air of his land again, which smells of bitterness and tenderness. Indeed, he recently was the protagonist of a series of workshops and advices first in Umbria, together with the starred chef Vincenzo Guarino, then in Milan, at the international exhibition “Tutto Food”, with the aim of bringing back to America new knowledge and tastes in order to add to its menus.


In a continuous research for innovation, Pasquale Di Maio is the modern hero of this sector, capable of carrying out courageous investments and of proposing new formats, riding the waves of change and anticipating them only as a true entrepreneurial mind can.

I had the pleasure of meeting him. He revealed me his future plans and intentions. Will we know a new version of our American dreamer? How far will he go? Will we see him on the most coveted stages in his sector? Or will he climb the top rankings? You don’t know now. So let’s wait for him to reveal his intentions firsthand which, at least for now, are top secret.

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Marika Manna

Vivo persa nei libri. Amo le parole. Perché hanno "un effetto magico. Nel senso che hanno la capacità di forgiare il pensiero degli uomini. Di condizionare i loro sentimenti. Di dirigere la loro volontà e le loro azioni". Amo anche i punti. Molto. Segnano la fine ma l'inizio di una nuova storia.

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