Gricia is a simple Roman Cuisine pasta dish. It includes three key ingredients: Cheecklard, Pecorino Cheese and Black Pepper.
The traditional pasta used are Rigatoni, a large format pasta cylinder with lines that help any sauce stick to them.
Many people see Gricia as just a step up from Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper) or even as an inferior Carbonara, namely a similar dish without eggs. However Gricia has its own identity and distinctive taste.
We use large quantities of Cheecklard because it is the only source of fat, with no addition of olive oil.
Not recommended for a diet.
This is a dish that embodies the rural culture of Rome. The very first Romans were herdsmen, shepherds, farmers and warriors. Indeed the words Salary and Pecunia (money) derive from Salt and Sheep (pecora in Italian).
Eat Gricia and you’ll feel like a Roman Soldier coming back home after fighting a battle for Julius Cesar.

Recipe. For 2 people. Latge portions.

  • 250 grams (8.5oz) Cheecklard
  • 280 grams (9.5oz) Rigatoni
  • 80 grams Pecorino Romano (possibly d.o.p.) cheese.
  • Black Pepper (better if freshly ground)

I would like to give credit to the YouTube channel Cucinandomelagodo that inspired my own video and recipe translation in English. Enjoy. For other recipes click here.

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Marika Manna

Vivo persa nei libri. Amo le parole. Perché hanno "un effetto magico. Nel senso che hanno la capacità di forgiare il pensiero degli uomini. Di condizionare i loro sentimenti. Di dirigere la loro volontà e le loro azioni". Amo anche i punti. Molto. Segnano la fine ma l'inizio di una nuova storia.
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